PD Credit from Illinois Approved Providers should come from those providers, not from District 205. Likewise, you should direct any questions or requests to those providers directly. 

If you would like District 205 to provide PD Credit from persons or groups who are not on the Illinois Approved Providers List, a few things are required. 

  • District 205 will only provide PD Credit to groups of school employees within District 205. We do not provide PD Credit for requests from individuals. District 205 will not accept requests from individuals outside of our school employees.
  • Requests should come from District 205 school principals/assistant principals only, and must be tied to School Improvement Plan goals.
  • THIS FORM must be completed and submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date of the event. The application for PD Credit will be considered only after receipt of the completed form.

Last, absolutely no PD Credit will be issued retroactively. Approval with appropriate documentation must be secured before an individual chooses to attend a Professional Development event, or no PD Credit will be awarded.

Requests for Duplicate Evidence of Completion (EOC) Forms

It is the responsibility of the license-holder to keep accurate records in a timely manner to maintain their own Professional Educator's License. This includes keeping copies of Evidence of Completion (EOC) Forms, and to record these forms in individual Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) accounts. 

It is also the responsibility of the license-holder to make sure they sign in on the day of attendance, and submit an evaluation within a timely manner after any Professional Development activity they attend. The District 205 Professional Development Coordinator considers 4 calendar weeks following the end of the event to be a "timely manner." Sign in forms will not be re-opened after an event ends if you forget to sign in. If your name or email address on the sign in form cannot be connected with your name or email address on the corresponding evaluation received for the event, PD Credit will not be issued or re-issued. 

District 205 will provide employees with digital copies of EOC forms for PD Credit earned via email with the phrase "PD CREDIT" in the subject line. It is the responsibility of the license-holder to correctly type their email address on both the sign in form and the evaluation form. If you cannot find a PD Credit form, your first avenue for retrieval will be to search your email for a message containing the phrase "PD CREDIT" from the District Professional Development Coordinator. Make sure you check both your work email and your personal email, as history has shown that these are frequently confused by attendees. 

If the EOC still cannot be found after searching both personal and professional email accounts, call the District Professional Development Coordinator at 309/973.2108, or email your request to mjacobson<at>galesburg<TWOzeroFIVEdot>org . Email requests are preferred, as they are automatically time- and date-stamped. Make sure your request includes: The first and last name you used on the sign in form, the date and location of the event, your work and/or personal email, and your IEIN. Requests should be made by the license-holder only; Third-party requests will not be honored.

Upon receiving your request, the Coordinator will open the responses to the sign in form for the event requested and search for the information you provide. If your information is not found on the sign in form, no PD Credit will be issued. Next, the Coordinator will open the responses to the evaluation form. If your information was not received within 4 weeks of the last date of the event requested, the Coordinator may choose to reopen the digital form for you to complete within a reasonable and negotiable time, providing the request is made during the same school year as the event. If the license-holder chooses to wait until after June 30 of the school year, the Coordinator may or may not choose to reopen the form. The Coordinator is allowed up to 2 weeks to respond to a license-holder's request.

It is the license-holder's responsibility to maintain accurate records in a timely manner to maintain their Professional Educator's License. Do not wait until the last year of your renewal cycle to enter your hours. It is your responsibility to keep secure & accurate records and update them on a regular and frequent basis to ensure your Professional Educator's License does not lapse.